It’s Christmas and we couldn’t think of a better movie to highlight than this one. Curl up my the fire, pour yourself a glass of egg nog and enjoy Make the Yuletide Gay.


College senior, Olaf ‘Gunn’ Gunnunderson (Keith Jordan) is head-over-heels in love with his ultra-gay sweetheart Nathan Stanford (Adamo Ruggiero). The boyfriends part for Christmas break, each returning home to his family. Nathan’s cold parents won a trip to Israel, but somehow “forgot” to tell their son. When he hears that he’s to spend the holidays alone, he decides to make his way to Wisconsin to be with his sweetie and family.


When he gets there, there are a few surprises: Gunn is in the closet; Gunn’s mom, Anya (Kelly Keaton) is a major Christmas freak who says “dontcha” frequently; and Gunn takes after his dad Sven (Derek Long) – anatomically speaking – a fact learned when Gunn’s stoner dad greets Nathan at the door in an open bathrobe.


With constant double-entendres flying from Anya’s mouth and Gunn Sr. always stoned, no one seems to notice that Gunn is gay and dating Nathan. With the closet walls closing in on Nathan, he decides to flee back to his empty home – the Gunnunderson’s are a little too fruity even for him!


Giddily exuberant, writer/director Rob Williams‘ gay Christmas classic is not only filled with laugh-out-loud jokes, but also with boys who look oh so cute together. Dontcha think? Check out the trailer below and click here to order your copy.


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