The sexy new Male Shorts series is back with their second installment. This volume, Male Shorts: International V2 collects some of the best (and most arousing) gay-themed short films from all around the globe – featuring five tasty cinematic treats you won’t forget.


Check out the individual film titles and synopses below and click here to pre-order your copy. We also have a photo gallery you can feast your eyes on.


Free Fall (14 mins)

Directed by Santiago Henao Velez

Out of the haunting shadows of the sexual underground in Medellin, sixteen-year-old Jhony is excited and hopeful for this upcoming date with the boy he loves.


Enter (18 mins)

Directed by Manuel Billi and Benjamin Bodi

During a night of drinking, R. arrives at an apartment where an orgy is taking place. Embarrassed, he locks himself in the bathroom where he finds a man sleeping… a man he knows quite well.


Sr. Raposo (23 mins)

Directed by Daniel Nolasco

In 1995, Acacio has a dream where he walked, hand-in-hand, with a man and a woman across an all-green field.


Ocaso (21 mins)

Directed by Bruno Roger

Late in the afternoon, a student and a construction worker sit on the edge of the bay and leave traces on the landscape.


Twice (16 mins)

Directed by Domenico Onorato

Diego is seventeen and full of life, yet still quite fragile. His best friend, Antonio, knows and indulges his weaknesses, but he would also like to see him strong and masculine. One night, they meet Maria, a breezy, natural beauty. To show that he is a “real man,” Diego is ready to do anything, even himself to do things he never would have wanted.




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