The Gay Cinema Video On Demand experience at has your entertainment needs covered! We’re always working to expand selection of new and old gay-themed movies available for your viewing pleasure. Here’s just five of our current favorites, from various years, that you may have missed – ALL available to watch INSTANTLY! These aren’t our TOP 5, by any means – just a handful of flicks we want to highlight.


Body Electric (c) Breaking Glass Pictures

Body Electric © Breaking Glass Pictures

Body Electric

2017, Brazil

Carefree Elias works at a textile factory, juggling long shifts, dreaming of the sea, and spending animated nights out which usually end in some no-strings sexual encounters. As he tries to discern where his future might lead him, Elias tries to take pleasure in the small things in life. After yet another night of working overtime, he and his coworkers decide to go out for a bit of fun, which ultimately leads to new encounters and unexpected desires. Described by Variety as “a satisfying, warmhearted film whose understated charms leave a pleasant glow,” Body Electric held its world premiere at the prestigious International Film Festival Rotterdam, and held its US premiere at Outfest where it received a Grand Jury Special Mention. The film went on to win major prizes at the Guadalajara International Film Festival and Inside Out Toronto.


My Life with James Dean © Breaking Glass Pictures

My Life with James Dean © Breaking Glass Pictures

My Life with James Dean

2018, France

Invited to present his first feature film, My Life With James Dean, at a festival in Normandy, attractive young writer-director Graud Champreux (Johnny Rasse) has no idea that this film tour is about to change his life. From wild stampedes to woeful screenings, from trawler trips to drunken evenings with an admiring young projectionist (Mickael Pelissier), Graud ends up finding inspiration in an unlikely town at the end of the Earth. Sexy and totally charming, writer-director Dominique Choisy‘s very meta My Life with James Dean is a tribute to life, love and cinema. It’s now available to watch instantly at


Snails in the Rain (c) TLA Releasing

Snails in the Rain © TLA Releasing

Snails in the Rain

2013, Israel

In this intelligent and emotional Israeli film set in 1989 Tel Aviv, Boaz (incredibly sexy male model Yoav Reuveni) is a linguistics student committed to his loving girlfriend, Noa. But soon Boaz is questioning his life when he begins receiving a series of obsessive love letters from another man. They expose the inner world of their author, who is deeply closeted – and knows plenty about him, including Boaz’s past attraction to other men.


Unhung Hero © Breaking Glass Pictures

Unhung Hero © Breaking Glass Pictures

Unhung Hero

2013, United States

Unhung Hero is technically a documentary that follows a straight dude, but Dan Savage is in it so we’re giving it a pass. Also, it’s fun! When straight cutie-pie Patrick Moote‘s girlfriend rejects his marriage proposal at a UCLA basketball game on the jumbo-tron, it unfortunately goes viral and hits TV networks worldwide. Days after the heartbreaking debacle, she privately reveals why she can’t be with him forever: Patrick’s small penis size. Unhung Hero follows the real life journey of Patrick as he boldly sets out to expose this extremely personal chapter of his life confronting ex-girlfriends, doctors, anthropologists and even adult film stars. From Witch-doctors in Papua New Guinea to sex museums in Korea, Patrick has a lot of turf to cover on his globe trotting adventure to finally answer the age old question: Does size matter?


You and I (c) Breaking Glass Pictures

You and I © Breaking Glass Pictures

You and I

2014, Germany

Jonas (Eric Klotzsch) invites his best friend Phillip (George Taylor) to come along with him on a trip through Berlin for the summer. The boys pack up their Mercedes camper and take off across uncharted territory, stopping to take photos and enjoy a laid-back road trip. The fact that Phillip is gay has never been an issue for either of them. However, when they pick up a hitchhiker named Boris (Michal Grabowski), who shows Jonas some interesting spots and starts to make moves on Phillip, their friendship starts to fray. Maybe three’s a crowd after all? By the end of the summer, things between Jonas and Phillip won’t ever be the same again. Featuring a mind-blowingly hot trio of lead actors, You and I is like an even sexier, all-male version of Y Tu Mama Tambien or Jules & Jim. With guys this hot, we won’t forget this fateful summer either.



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