Boys Behind Bars, the nasty underground cult video franchise, is releasing a collection of all three installments for the first time. Join the British bad boy Darrell (Wade Radford) as he continues his reign of terror on the inmates at Baker’s Ludge Prison. This sexually-charged, ultra-low budget series aims to shock with profanity, acts of violence and some seriously steamy scenes of seduction.


The new compilation, Boys Behind Bars: The Complete Collection, contains all three films in the series. Check out the individual descriptions and trailers below and click here to pre-order your copy. It’s coming to DVD via World Wide Multi Media in November.


Boys Behind Bars

Darrell (Wade Radford) is a well trained prison bitch looking forward to a night alone in his cell getting jacked on the drugs he’s had smuggled in… when, suddenly, a riot erupts on the floors above. To separate the offenders, three of the inmates are placed in Darrell’s cell. Always up for a laugh, Darrell teases, flirts and annoys his fellow cellmates Seth (Tama Phethean) and Lanks (Gavin Jackson), until a new boy is placed with them and becomes prey to these wild animals. Nothing short of offensive and disgusting, these boys are savage and hellbent on abusing, insulting and degrading each other throughout the night.


Boys Behind Bars 2

During a disturbance in the prison, two twin brothers (Connor and James Paganini) serving a sentence for drug dealing are locked into the shower blocks, only to be confronted by the savage and deranged Darrell. After Richard is outed as gay by Darrell, an eruption boils over causing tensions to turn explosive; this is then made worse by the appearance of the evil Wing Governor Mizz Muncher (Honey Bane). A hostage situation ensues with Darrell as the ring leader, aided by his new lover. Sexually-charged, viciously violent, deranged and twisted, Boys Behind Bars 2 is packed with cute guys in dangerous situations.


Boys Behind Bars 3

Bad-boy inmate Darrell and Governor Muncher are back – and now they have devised a devious and deadly plan to take control of not just the inmates of the prison, but also of the Warden’s newbie stool pigeon staff member. A prison bloodbath tale dripping with gore, oozing with violence and bursting with sexuality, Boys Behind Bars 3 harkens back to the infamous “video nasties” of the 1980s.

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