The Gay Cinema Video On Demand experience at has your entertainment needs covered! We’re always working to expand selection of new and old gay-themed movies available for your viewing pleasure. Here’s just five of our current favorites, from various years, that you may have missed – ALL available to watch INSTANTLY! These aren’t our TOP 5, by any means – just a handful of flicks we want to highlight.


Beauty © TLA Releasing

Beauty © TLA Releasing


2011, South Africa

Beauty is an intense portrait of Francois (Deon Lotz), a dutiful, middle-aged husband and father who frequently sneaks off to an isolated farmhouse to partake in an orgy with other white, married men. While hosting his daughter’s wedding, a charming young man named Christian (Charlie Keegan) approaches the proud father and something snaps inside Francois. He embarks on a dark, unwavering journey of obsession that leads to a shocking and graphic conclusion. Lotz is utterly amazing as Francois, who fills with bitter jealousy and tragically unravels in front of our eyes. Winner of the Queer Palm at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival, Beauty exposes the ugliness within a homophobic society by challenging us to feel the struggle and self-loathing of a vastly complex character. This is a shocking movie to say the least.


Chef's Special © TLA Releasing

Chef’s Special © TLA Releasing

Chef’s Special

2008, Spain

Maxi (Javier Camara) has plenty on his plate. In addition to corralling the unpredictable staff at his high-end restaurant and suddenly reuniting with his estranged children, things get more chaotic with the arrival of a gorgeous and well-known soccer player just down the hall. This celebrity neighbor’s presence sends everyone into a tailspin, from Maxi’s lovesick female roommate to his star-struck sports-fan son. As Maxi and the people in his orbit wrangle with romance and family ties, there are bruised feelings aplenty, and the unexpected introduction of a secret gay affair is enough to whip poor Maxi into a tizzy. But through drunken debacles at karaoke bars, confessions on national television, sundry misadventures in new parenthood, and the highly anticipated arrival of a prominent food critic to his restaurant, Maxi must learn to juggle the dynamics his children and other loved ones bring to the table – an act with over-the-top, hilarious results.


Man at Bath © Canteen Outlaws

Man at Bath © Canteen Outlaws

Man at Bath

2010, France

In this sexually-explicit drama, prolific French director Christophe Honore (Love Songs, Ma Mere, The Beautiful Person, Close to Leo) casts gay porn superstar Francois Sagat as Emmanuel, a gay hustler living outside of Paris with his lover Omar (Omar Ben Sellem). After a quarrel between the two boyfriends, Emmanuel is left brokenhearted – having to fend for himself as Omar makes his way to Manhattan. The film separately follows the two men, as their lives diverge and we get to discover how their heartbreak gives way to fresh outlooks on life and exciting new sexual encounters. Make sure to draw the shades before you start watching Man at Bath. There is a whole lot of nudity, along with some really graphic man-on-man action.


Peyote © Breaking Glass Pictures

Peyote © Breaking Glass Pictures


2013, Mexico

Pablo (Joe Diazzi), a shy teenager, meets the slightly older Marco (Carlos Luque). Together they go on an impromptu road trip to the Mexican desert, a trip that will make them face what they mean to each other. This experience will turn Pablo’s life around: his points of view, his strength and his own sexuality. Peyote follows two guys with a video camera that will record their friendship, struggles… and the possibility of another destiny. A provocative and romantic feature film debut from Mexican director Omar Flores Sarabia, this underrated gem aims to make you swoon and think in equal measure.


Yours Emotionally © Water Bearer Films

Yours Emotionally © Water Bearer Films

Yours Emotionally

2006, India

Two best friends, Ravi and Paul (Premjit and Jack Lamport), go on vacation to India where they attend an all night, eye-opening gay sex party. Surprised by the openness of their hosts and the aggressiveness of the guests, the boys fall into the steadily growing Indian gay culture. Ravi is especially bitten hard as he falls for the good looking but deeply closeted Mani (Pratik Gandhi). Will caste, economics and customs allow these two love birds a happy ending or will the of tradition and homophobia keep them apart? Fueled by flirting, erotic performances and open sex, Yours Emotionally is a revealing film about the growing Indian gay community. The camera lingers over the hot bodies of Indian men and never shirks from giving gay men a sexuality seldom seen from this part of the world. Director Sridhar Rangayan uses both traditional and experimental film techniques to build a story of love, compassion and truth.




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