If you’re at work right now, make sure no one is looking over your shoulder. The trailer and pics below, all from writer/director Leopoldo Laborde‘s new film Boy Undone, are pretty hot and heavy.


Two young men spend the night together after meeting the previous evening in a notorious gay club. The next day, however, the host wakes to find the boy he picked up bewildered and confused, unable to remember his name or anything about his past. Lacking any type of identification or obvious clues, the boys begin to search for the truth among fragments of memories that may or may not prove reliable. A chilling homoerotic thriller, Boy Undone is queer guerrilla filmmaking at its most intense.


Check out the erotically-charged trailer for Boy Undone – along with some select images – below and click here to order your copy. It comes to DVD THIS WEEK!



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