“Sunrise, but it isn’t time to go home yet. An after party with an orgy in the mansion of some friends. Something for everyone. Come alone or bring whoever you want. Pass the message on”


This text is sent from phone to phone. There’s a map attached. The strangers come to the specified place: it’s a mansion. And it’s also Milo’s (Carlos D’Ursi) home: he’s a man in his thirties who’s been paraplegic for a few months. His best friend Gus (Nacho San Jose) has prepared him a birthday party… somewhat improvised.


With their phones in their hands, they all arrive at Milo’s house. Jorge (Diego Martinez) is an attractive young man, muscular, a sex addict. Elisa (Sara Salamo) is trying to get over a traumatic breakup and finds herself in an emotionally unstable state. Jesus and Marta (Pepe Ocio and Maria Cotiello) are a grumpy couple in their thirties, looking for exciting early morning adventures… because there is nothing exciting in their marriage. There’s also Isma, Ruben and Pato (Jonas Berami, Miguel Diosdado and Adrian Exposito), three buddies looking to party hard who don’t seem to be the smartest bunch. Rodri (Sergio Torrica) is a muscular guy with a mysterious aura, Susana (Elisa Matilla) is a middle-aged woman with a double life, and Alvarito (Alex Villazan) is a nerdy virgin… and eager to stop being so. And last, but not least, Mario (Daniel Muriel), Milo’s first love, shows up… even though Milo hasn’t seen him for a decade. Oh, and Camila (Javier Ballesteros), the trans woman who sent the text message from phone to phone at Gus’s request and to Milo’s horror, watches, perplexed, as the home is invaded by a horde of strangers.


The party quickly leads to an orgy where the paths of these fourteen characters cross and uncross: Jorge and Elisa falling in love; Marta living on the edge of her marriage thanks to Rodri and Alvarito; Jesus discovering through Isma a part of himself that he didn’t know; Ruben foolishly pursuing the intriguing Camila; Pato helping Susana with a strange search mission; and Milo and Mario bringing everything back to the life that joined them, and separated them, ten years ago. And as if all this wasn’t enough, Gus cannot think of anything but bringing a foam cannon to Milo’s house, just like the one he had on his eighteenth birthday. The cannon floods the swimming pool with foam. It is time for the characters to wash and clarify what they feel. When the foam disappears, nothing will have stayed the same.


From talented up-and-coming writer/director Roberto Perez Toledo comes a lively story about human beings in constant pursuit of happiness… although sometimes we seek it in the most awkward and disoriented manner. Foam Party is coming to DVD just in time for Valentine’s Day, courtesy of Strand Releasing. Check out the trailer below and click here to pre-order your copy.




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