Alpha male Raul isn’t shy about telling his best amigos, Santiago and Eduardo, how to live their lives. But when Santi – who’s engaged to Raul’s sister – announces he’s gay, Raul’s world turns upside down. With ridiculous interventions and shameless schemes, Raul does everything he can to change Santi – and learns an unforgettable lesson about what it means to be a real hombre.


Mexican superstars Mauricio Ochmann and Aislinn Derbez star in this hilarious bro-mantic comedy! Hazlo┬áComo Hombre was Mexico’s highest-grossing local film of the year and had additional success with a limited theatrical release in the United States. The film comes from the same beloved studio behind the most successful Hispanic-American films ever in the U.S. and worldwide, Instructions Not Included and How to Be a Latin Lover, and comes to DVD and in January.


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