In a world of sun and sea, three young people on the brink of adulthood navigate the complexities of love, sex and secrecy with disastrous consequences. Coming out in October, Palace of Fun is a smart, stylish thriller that is going to keep the sizzle of summer lingering well into the fall.


Producer David Stocks, writer/director Eadward Stocks and actor/writer George Stocks (real-life brothers, if you hadn’t already guessed) are the masterminds behind the project and their gorgeous craftsmanship reveals their movie-loving roots. Seemingly inspired by art house thrillers of the 1960s and 70s (Purple Noon and Knife in the Water certainly come to mind), the siblings have done their cinematic homework and prove themselves talented filmmakers worth keeping an eye on.


Palace of Fun follows Lily (Phoebe Naughton), a fragile young artist fresh out of University who meets an attractive young man named Finn (Andrew Mullan) in a club. Lily invites Finn to come and stay with her at the mansion owned by her rich parents while they are away on vacation in Italy for the summer. When Lily’s jealous younger brother Jamie (co-writer George Stocks) finds out that Finn is not who he claims to be, he decides to play a sinister game to get rid of him – and blackmail him into performing some “favors.”


With an absolutely gorgeous sun-soaked seaside setting, Palace of Fun is an erotic an luxurious feast for the eyes. Lead actors George Stocks and Andrew Mullen are scorching hot – when they start hooking-up, it might just take your breath away.


Get a load of the intense, excitingly frenetic trailer below – and make sure to pre-order your copy here!


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