Back in 2015, Cohen Media Group made a deal with Merchant Ivory Productions and acquired 30 films under their label. Part of the deal stated that Cohen Media Group would restore and re-release these classic titles – with original director James Ivory having a hands-on role in the massive endeavor. The highly anticipated, positively glorious 4K restoration of the gay classic Maurice comes out today on DVD and Blu-ray.


Now considered a classic gay novel, “Maurice,” E.M. Forster‘s self-suppressed 1914 love story, was not published until after his death in 1970. With the same reverence, respect and regal authority that they brought to A Room with a View and Howard’s End, Merchant Ivory Productions created an exquisite and sexually bold adaptation of the author’s semi-autobiographical novel.


Set in pre-WWI England, the film examines the social and sexual repression of the era in this story of the emotional conflict facing a college student coming to terms with his homosexuality.


James Wilby is perfectly cast in the title role, Hugh Grant gives a precise performance as his frustratingly platonic lover who transforms from free-spirit to social prig, and Rupert Graves is splendid as Alec, the handsome gamekeeper who awakens Maurice’s dormant feelings. When Alec climbs in Maurice’s bedroom window and into his bed, the hair on the back of your neck goes up, regardless of how many times you see the film.


An inspiring tale of gay love that transcends class and social barriers, Maurice belongs in every gay man’s collection and the re-release of this new, unedited, digitally-remastered 4K Special Edition is a cause for celebration. Check out the trailer below to get a feel for the beautiful finished product.


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