Brothers of the Night (c) Altered Innocence

Coming Soon: Brothers of the Night

With four gay-themed movies released or coming soon so far – the kaleidoscopic mind-fuck Baby Bump; the gorgeous black-and-white tour of Helsinki’s underbelly Concrete Night; the punk rock-infused tribute to Berlin Desire Will Set You Free; and the edge-of-your-seat exorcism thriller A Closer Walk with Thee – the relatively new distribution label Altered Innocence is proving to be a powerhouse source for fans of edgy queer cinema. They now have exceptional new doc Brothers of the Night lined up for release in November.

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Image Gallery: Baby Bump

Coming to DVD and Blu-ray this September from Altered Innocence, the same label that brought films like Concrete Night and Desire Will Set You Free to the US, Baby Bump is an incredibly strange and sometimes deliberately off-putting modern fairy tale from Polish director Kuba Czekaj. It’s also quite a feast for the eyes, as you’ll see from the image gallery above.


Czekaj has a unique visual style and a bright color pallet that keep you captivated even while the story goes to some extremely bizarre places. One critic remarked that the film is “like something David Lynch would have made if he were an angry Polish kid.”


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