Coming Soon: My Big Gay Italian Wedding

It was love at first sight for happy couple Antonio and Paulo (Cristiano Caccamo and Salvatore Esposito). They live together peacefully in a Berlin apartment with their quirky and musical landlord Benedetta (Diana Del Bufalo). On the day of their engagement, their new roommate arrives, the depressed gender-fluid Donato (Dino Abbrescia), and they all embark on a journey to finally reveal their relationship to their families. Their first stop is the exquisite old Italian village Civita di Bagnoregio, where Antonio’s father Roberto (Diego Abatantuono) is the mayor and his mother Anna (Monica Guerritore), the headstrong matriarch. In a whirl of surreal chaos, Anna provides the couple with stringent conditions related to their wedding ceremony, and the group sets out on a quest to make a city founded on religious tradition understand that love is love.


Director Alessandro Genovesi‘s lively new comedy tackles social issues in a unique and unforgettable setting, with characters that are far from one-dimensional, and explores the obstacles that come with breaking traditions and gaining acceptance. Check out the trailer for My Big Gay Italian Wedding below and click here to pre-order your copy. It’s coming to DVD in October.

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Out This Week: Ideal Home

Paul Rudd and Steve Coogan star as a bickering couple with an extravagant life in this new mainstream gay comedy Ideal Home. Erasmus (Coogan) is a demanding, popular celebrity, and Paul (Rudd) is his more hesitant partner and sidekick. But when Bill (Jack Gore), the grandson Erasmus never knew he had, shows up at their high class dinner party with nowhere else to go, the couple reluctantly decide to take him in. Antics, as you might imagine, ensue.


Co-starring Drew DroegeAlison Pill and Jake McDorman, this family comedy from versatile writer/director Andrew Fleming (ThreesomeThe CraftDick) is coming out on DVD and Blu-ray this week. Check out the trailer below.


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Boys Behind Bars: The Complete Collection

Boys Behind Bars, the nasty underground cult video franchise, is releasing a collection of all three installments for the first time. Join the British bad boy Darrell (Wade Radford) as he continues his reign of terror on the inmates at Baker’s Ludge Prison. This sexually-charged, ultra-low budget series aims to shock with profanity, acts of violence and some seriously steamy scenes of seduction.


The new compilation, Boys Behind Bars: The Complete Collection, contains all three films in the series. Check out the individual descriptions and trailers below and click here to pre-order your copy. It’s coming to DVD via World Wide Multi Media in November.

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Female Trouble © The Criterion Collection

The Criterion Collection edition of Female Trouble is out this week on DVD and Blu-ray!

“Where do these people come from? Where do they go when the sun goes down? Isn’t there a law of something?” -Rex Reed


Glamour has never been more grotesque than in Female Trouble, John Waters‘ 1974 classic, dubbed at the time “a new high in low taste.” The film injects old-school Hollywood melodrama with anarchic decadence. DivineWaters’ larger-than-life muse, engulfs the screen with charisma as Dawn Davenport, the living embodiment of the film’s lurid mantra, “Crime is beauty,” who progresses from a teenage nightmare hell-bent on getting ‘cha-cha heels’ for Christmas to a fame monster whose ego-maniacal impulses land her in the electric chair.

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Man in an Orange Shirt © PBS

Just Came Out: Man in an Orange Shirt

Oscar-winning actress and general cinematic legend Vanessa Redgrave stars in this powerful new drama from Masterpiece Theater. Speaking at the Television Critics Association press tour in July, 2017, Masterpiece executive producer Rebecca Eaton announced that Man in an Orange Shirt, starring Redgrave as a grandmother struggling with her relationship with her gay grandson, will air in June 2018 as part of Gay Pride Month. It will also be coming to DVD on June 19th.


In his first screen drama, best-selling British novelist Patrick Gale tells two gay love stories, sixty years apart – stories linked by family, and by a painting that holds a secret that echoes down the generations. Charting the challenges and huge changes to gay lives from the Second World War to the present, the two-hour film explores a forbidden relationship made impossible by illegality and societal pressure and contrasts it with present day romance which, while the external constraints have fallen away, is a minefield of internalized issues and temptations.

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Out This Week: Screwed

Screwed (originally titled Pihalla) is a brand-new, must-see Finnish drama, where seventeen-year-old Miku and Elias (Mikko Kauppila and Valtteri Lehtinenfind themselves – and each other – during an idyllic summer in the Finnish countryside. Love is not as easy as it seems.


Seventeen year old Miku (Kauppila) is “just some dude,” devoid of personality, at least according to his brother. After a party-turned-rager that destroys his home, Miku is doomed to spend the rest of the summer at his family cottage, where both his parents avoid dealing with their own budding relationship crisis. But the calm of the Finnish countryside takes a turn for something strange when Miku meets Elias (Lehtinen). The boys have nothing in common except for their age and dysfunctional families. But something is pulling them together.

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Plan B © Wolfe Releasing

Spring Cleaning: Check Out Our Gay Movie Clearance Stash – Part 2

With so many high-profile gay movies taking up room on our warehouse shelves (see Tom of FinlandBeach RatsBPM (Beats Per Minute)God’s Own Country and, of course, Call Me by Your Name) – and as today is the first day of spring (not that you’d know it over here on the East Coast) – we thought it prudent to do a little spring cleaning and clear some space. We just tossed a whole bunch of great gay movies onto our Clearance List! Below we’re highlighting ten special picks (and ten additional picks that we posted yesterday), but don’t stop there! Click here for a full list of eligible items!


Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine

2014, United States

A powerful feature-length documentary that examines different personal perspectives on an important figure, Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine focuses, of course, on Matthew Shepard, the gay young man who was tortured and murdered in one of the most notorious hate crimes in U.S. history. Directed by Michele Josue, a close friend of Shepard’s, the film revisits the shocking case with never-before-seen photos, rare video footage, and new revelations about Shepard’s all-too-brief life.

Clearance Price: $12.99

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Five Dances © Wolfe Releasing

Spring Cleaning: Check Out Our Gay Movie Clearance Stash – Part 1

With so many high-profile gay movies taking up room on our warehouse shelves (see Tom of FinlandBeach RatsBPM (Beats Per Minute)God’s Own Country and, of course, Call Me by Your Name) – and as tomorrow is the first day of spring – we thought it prudent to do a little spring cleaning and clear some space. We just tossed a whole bunch of great gay movies onto our Clearance List! Below we’re highlighting ten special picks (with ten more to come tomorrow), but don’t stop there! Click here for a full list of eligible items!



2011, United States

Starring Murray Bartlett (a few years before he graced our TV screens on “Looking”), August tells the story of two former lovers, Troy and Jonathan, who reunite after a long ago painful breakup. After spending several years in Spain, Troy returns to Los Angeles and decides to phone Jonathan and meet for coffee. A seemingly innocent rendezvous turns into an attempt to revive passions past. Only this time it’s not that simple as Jonathan has a new beau, Raul, and is trying to make the right decision a second time around.

Clearance Price: $14.99

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Steel © Breaking Glass Pictures

This Weekend’s VOD Favorites

With the launch of the brand-new, the Gay Cinema Video On Demand experience we have been offering for a long, long time was upgraded and improved. We have expanded (and continue to expand) our selection of new and old gay-themed movies available for your viewing pleasure. Here’s just five of our current favorites, from various years, that you may have missed – ALL available to watch INSTANTLY! These aren’t our TOP 5, by any means – just a handful of flicks we want to highlight.


Bad Boy Street © TLA Releasing

Bad Boy Street © TLA Releasing


Bad Boy Street

2012, France

Prolific queer filmmaker Todd Verow abandons his home base New York City for the City of Light in this sexy drama about two very different men thrown together by fate. The story begins one evening when Claude (Yann deMonterno) happens upon a young man passed out in a side-street alleyway. With no ID, he decides to take him to his apartment to safely sleep it off. Awakening the next morning, the hunky young man returns the favor by immediately going down on his sleeping host – and this begins the unconventional relationship between forty-something Claude and twenty-something Brad (Kevin Miranda), an American actor. After that exciting and unexpected first date, the two – despite their age difference, nationalities and Brad’s personal demons – tenuously begin to get to know one another and possibly find love. An accomplished, serious gay romance, Bad Boy Street catches the often controversial Verow at the top of his game.

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1:54 © Breaking Glass Pictures

Just Came Out: 1:54

Breaking Glass Pictures is releasing 1:54 THIS WEEK. Starring Antoine-Olivier Pilon, the dazzling young French-Canadian actor who stole Xavier Dolan‘s 2014 art-house hit Mommy, the film held its world premiere at the Angouleme French-Language Film Festival where it walked away with the Best Actor and the Student’s Jury prize. An actor for most of his career, writer-director Yan England scored an Oscar nomination for his exceptional 21-minute short film Henry back in 2013. 1:54 marks his directorial debut for a feature film.


Tim (Pilon) is a shy sixteen-year-old athlete with a natural gift for running. He’s dealing not only with the recent loss of his mother, but also with his hidden sexuality. However, the last four years of high school have been tough on him mostly because of Jeff (Lou-Pascal Tremblay) and his crew. In his last year of school, Tim becomes sick and tired of feeling like a loser, and wants to shine for once. He decides to stand up to Jeff by dethroning him in the 800-meter championship, an event that Jeff is known for winning in school. But behind the competition and rivalry, a Tim’s secret longing is wreaking havoc. After a personal video is shared on social media, Tim’s private life explodes into the public eye. Soon Tim finds himself pushed to the edge because of the pressure he endures, an edge where human limits reach the point of no return.

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