Threesomething © Gravitas Ventures

Sneak a Peek at Threesomething

Two straight best friends try to have a threesome… and shit gets weird.


Threesomething follows Isaac and Charlie (James Morosini and Sam Sonenshine), straight buddies who want more out of their friendship… and decide to organize a threesome. Enter Zoe (Isabelle Chester), a cosmic bohemian wild woman living in a glass tree house, who’s actually just trying to get her shit together. Zoe and Isaac fall in love, fast and hard. Charlie falls into a crisis of masculinity. All three flounder as they earnestly seek an experience slightly beyond their grasp, trying to figure out what turns them on and what gets them off.

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Razzia © First Run Features

Coming Soon: Razzia

Co-writer/director Nabil Ayouch paints a mesmerizing portrait of a city and a meditation on desire and love in the kaleidoscopic drama Razzia. The film tells five different unrelated, but subtly interconnected stories about five Moroccans pushed to the fringes in Casablanca by the extremist government in place – contrasting the mythic romance of the classic 1941 film Casablanca with an honest and deeply humanistic portrait of contemporary Moroccans yearning for connection amidst political crisis.


After an opening set in 1982 which follows an idealistic teacher (Amine Ennaji) falling in love with a widow, Razzia cuts to present day. Among the modern-day characters are the fiercely independent Salima (co-writer Maryam Touzani), who refuses to conform to the accepted mold of a wife and mother; Monsieur Joe (Arieh Worthalter), a Jewish cafe owner caught struggling with his unexpressed desires; Ines (Dounia Binebine), a troubled bourgeois teen; and Hakim (Abdelilah Rachid), a young, Freddie Mercury-worshiping gay musician dealing with day-to-day homophobia.

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Caught in a Landslide © Music Video Distributors

“Wade Radford” is Caught in a Landslide

Meet Jay Proctor (although you may already know his work). A prolific underground filmmaker with a punk rock aesthetic, Proctor has been churning out low-budget gay films at a rapid clip since 2012 – sometimes as an actor, sometimes as a producer, writer and director, always under the pseudonym Wade Radford. Now, he’s reinventing himself with the forthcoming indie Caught in a Landslide.


According to his own personal website, Proctor disappeared from the guerrilla cinema scene in 2016, depleted by years of relentless output. It’s understandable. Since 2012, he’s appeared in the films Sex, Lies and Depravity, More Sex, Lies and Depravity, all three installments of the Boys Behind Bars series, the claustrophobic horror/drama Twink, the meditative romance 1 Last Chance at Paradise and the snuff film-inspired Fluid Boy (just to name a few – there are more). Not one to ignore creative impulses, Proctor also released a lot of writing (with delicious titles like “The Ideation of Six Feet Under” and “Master Crotch and The Sex-Hungry Human Minions”) during his cinema sabbatical.

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Double Lover © Cohen Media Group

This Week’s Guiltiest Pleasure: Double Lover

Throughout his career, maverick queer filmmaker François Ozon has built an impressive catalog of surreal masterpieces. Though he is best known for the (more kinda/sorta mainstream) films Under the Sand8 WomenSwimming Pool and the recent post-WWII drama Frantz, his earlier works give the best example of his unique and sharply satirical style. Don’t miss See the SeaSitcomWater Drops on Burning Rocks or Criminal Lovers – all transgressive gems that pushed boundaries with their provocative and overtly gay sensibility. We also think you should take a look at his latest film, Double Lover, a sexy, no-holds-barred new thriller loosely adapted from the Joyce Carol Oates novel “Lives of the Twins” and greatly indebted to the style of Hitchcock.


Crafting a deliriously cinematic web of suspense, shock, eroticism, and power dynamics Ozon masters the trashy thriller genre with Double Lover. It’s the movie equivalent of a breezy pulp paperback you bring on vacation, plow through and leave behind in your room for future guests to enjoy.

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Hurricane Bianca: From Russia with Hate © Wolfe Releasing

Hurricane Bianca is Taking Russia by Storm

A fast-paced revenge comedy starring ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ winner Bianca Del Rio (a.k.a. comic Roy Haylock), Rachel DratchAlan CummingMargaret Cho and Mama Ru herself, 2016’s Hurricane Bianca was a delightfully warped treat – so much so that there is now an unexpected, but totally welcome sequel!


After winning over the staff and students of Milford High School, chemistry teacher Richard Martinez a.k.a. Bianca Del Rio (Haylock) sent her nemesis Vice Principal Deborah “Debbie” Ward (Dratch) to jail in a flawlessly executed plan. When Debbie is released from jail, she conjures up a scheme to do away with Bianca Del Rio once and for all, by luring her on a dangerous journey to Russia to accept a teaching award and cash prize. Filled with laughs, celebrity cameos and America’s drag superstars, the brand-new Hurricane Bianca: From Russia with Hate is packed with surprises and unlikely partnerships that spark friendship and acceptance.

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Grimsey © TLA Releasing

Take a romantic trip to Grimsey

After his boyfriend Norberto (Eugenio Sanz) breaks up with him and runs away to Iceland, heartbroken Bruno (Richard Garcia) decides to set out to find him. He soon meets Arnau (Raul Portero), a handsome local tour guide in Reykjavik, who is determined to help Bruno in his exceedingly idealistic search. Their trip will become a grieving process for them both, until they reach the remote island of Grimsey. There, Bruno will have to learn what love really means in order to move on with his life.


Lead actors Richard Garcia and Raul Portero also wrote and directed this charming and deeply sweet new romance, which doubles as an Icelandic travelogue.


Grimsey © TLA Releasing

Grimsey © TLA Releasing


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Al Berto © TLA Releasing

Out This Week: Al Berto

It’s 1975 and the winds of change are blowing over post-revolutionary Portugal. Al Berto (Ricardo Teixeirareturns to his small village after several years in Brussels, where he trained as a painter. Settling illegally in a mansion that had been expropriated from his family during the revolution, young Al Berto begins to hang out with locals who share his interest in the arts and dream of a different life. Among them is the handsome Joo Maria (José Pimentão) -who quickly falls for Al Berto’s charm. Soon Al Berto begins a counter-culture revolution that bewitches the town’s young, but threatens the ideals of the most conservative locals.


Check out the trailer along with some select images from Al Berto below and click here to order your copy. It’s coming out THIS WEEK on DVD and VOD!

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Scrum © MVD

Out This Week: Scrum

An award winning Australian documentary that tells a story of determination, acceptance, and brotherhood, Scrum was broadcasted in three continents and has toured the festival circuit to great acclaim. Now you’ll have a chance to see the powerful film that’s changing the way people view sport and homosexuality. It comes to DVD this week.


Scrum presents an intimate look at the journey of three players on the Sydney Convicts Team as they prepare physically and mentally for the 2014 Bingham Cup. For these players, being part of the Convicts means you’re more than a team; you’re brothers. As the players vie for a place in the gay rugby World Cup, this muddy, sweaty and visually arresting documentary reveals what it means for these incredible tough men to be able to compete and be accepted for who they are.

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NSFW: Male Shorts: International V1

Later this month, Breaking Glass Pictures will be releasing an exceptional collection of short films called Male Shorts: International V1. An international collection containing five short films focusing on gay men, the set includes Just Past Noon On A Tuesday, La Tepette (The Mousetrap), The Storm (La Tempete), Neptune, and PD. Each short film is presented in its native language (Portuguese, French or English) with English subtitles for all. Take a look at the individual descriptions of the films, along with some hot stills, below.


Just Past Noon on a Tuesday from Male Shorts: International V1 © Breaking Glass Pictures

Just Past Noon on a Tuesday from Male Shorts: International V1 © Breaking Glass Pictures

Just Past Noon on a Tuesday

Directed by Travis Mathews

Two strangers visit the penthouse of a recently deceased lover, only to find themselves learning more about each other. Just Past Noon on a Tuesday comes from the acclaimed director behind I Want Your Love, Interior. Leather Bar and the jaw-dropping In Their Room series.

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Perfect Obedience © Artsploitation Films

The trailer for Perfect Obedience will most likely make you deeply uncomfortable

A disturbing thriller, Perfect Obedience follows Julian (Sebastian Aguirre), a naïve thirteen-year-old who travels from the arms of his loving pastoral family into the austere, hallowed halls of the seminary. Singling out the boy as his intimate disciple, installing him in his palatial private quarters and renaming him, Father Angel (Juan Manuel Bernal), the order’s sinister founder, begins Julian’s instruction in the mysteries of “perfect obedience,” whose cardinal rule is: never question a superior’s actions.


Based on the shocking true story of Marcial Maciel, the “Legion of Christ” founder who was revealed to have a long history of carefully covered-up child abuse, award-winning writer-director Luis Urquiza has crafted an intense and unforgettable drama, chilling and heartbreaking in equal measure. Only viewers with nerves of steel need apply.

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