The Criterion Collection’s Hedwig and the Angry Inch special edition is out this week!

With this trailblazing musical, writer-director-star John Cameron Mitchell and composer-lyricist Stephen Trask brought their signature creation from stage to screen for a movie as unclassifiable as its protagonist.

Raised a boy in East Berlin, Hedwig (Mitchell) undergoes a traumatic personal transformation in order to emigrate to the U.S., where she reinvents herself as an “internationally ignored” but divinely talented rock diva, characterized by Mitchell as a “beautiful gender of one.”

The film tells Hedwig’s life story through her music, an eclectic collection of original punk anthems and power ballads by Trask, matching them with a freewheeling cinematic mosaic of music-video fantasies, animated interludes, and moments of bracing emotional realism. A hard-charging song cycle and a tender character study, Hedwig and the Angry Inch is a tribute to the transcendent power of rock and roll.

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Trailer Alert: Pixelia

Kumar (Sanal Aman), a bachelor in his thirties, leaves his corporate job in Kochi to become a graphic novelist. He embarks on a new life as an Uber driver in Kochi while working on his graphic novel titled ‘Pixelia’.
One day a transgender passenger named Mandakini (Gowri Savithri) gets into his cab… and that day changes Kumar’s life forever.

Kumar and Mandakini spend the whole day, wherein they open each other’s minds and slowly start to cross meaningless societal boundaries. Mandakini shares stories of her past life and her desire to adopt a child while Kumar narrates the story of his graphic novel to her. Gradually, a bonding ensues between the pair, leading Kumar to realize the truth about his queer identity.

As they start a relationship, Kumar gets into deeper conflicts regarding adopting a child, as adoption by queer parents is still realistically difficult in a country like India.

Made on a shoestring budget with a small crew thanks to the help of Filmocracy Foundation, an organization that supports and promotes Indian filmmakers, Pixelia blends documentary and fiction to tell and intimate story about relationships and identity. Watch the trailer below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film is coming to DVD in August.

This Weekend’s VOD Favorites

The Gay Cinema Video On Demand experience at has your entertainment needs covered! We’re always working to expand selection of new and old gay-themed movies available for your viewing pleasure. Here’s just five of our current favorites, from various years, that you may have missed – ALL available to watch INSTANTLY! These aren’t our TOP 5, by any means – just a handful of flicks we want to highlight.

You can almost smell the sweat coming off the screen in this excruciatingly hot new film. In a beautiful country house in a chic suburb of Buenos Aires, Fernando (Lucas Papa) and his buddies are having a “boys only” weekend. Disconnected from the outside world, they do little more than bask in the hot sun, play in the swimming pool, smoke pot and drink – naked or half- naked pretty much the entire time. Fernando decides to invite a newcomer, Germán (Gabriel Epstein), a close friend from his Taekwondo class. Germán is quickly welcomed into the group. Fernando doesn’t realize, though, that Germán is attracted to men. Little by little, the two dudes get more intimate and the simmering sexual tension hits a boiling point. Assembling one of the hottest casts in gay movie history, prolific queer director Marco Berger (Absent, Hawaii, Sexual Tension: Volatile) has outdone himself. You won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen.

Finding Me
Independent African-American gay cinema is too often (quite sadly and often infuriatingly) hard to come by, which makes us treasure Finding Me (along with the follow-ups Finding Me: Truth and Finding Me: The Series) even more. Faybien Allan (RayMartell Moore) is young and stylish, appearing with hip friends at NYC’s trendiest spots. But beneath the sparkle of his nightlife and stunning good looks is a man buckling under his father’s homophobia. Full of self-loathing and desperate for direction, he meanders through life until meeting Lonnie (Derrick L. Briggs), a confident activist with a flirtatious smile. Despite obvious chemistry and fireworks in bed, Faybien’s insecurities have him looking for the door. Can a budding romance and a few good friends keep him from making the biggest mistake of his life? Follow all the adventures of Faybien and his friends at TLAgay.

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Writer/director Stratos Tzitzis wants to take you on a debaucherous Night Out in Berlin

Night Out expresses a primary human need to bridge our gap to eternity by making Dionysian feasts of dancing, drinking and having orgies,” says writer-director Stratos Tzitzis of his newest film.

“This is what the protagonists of this Berlin story actually do, depicting a contemporary aspect of this ancient subject and need. People nowadays go out more frequently than before, even every weekend, as the stress of our everyday life is more than that of our ancestors. Life has become tenser; therefore the need to relax and have fun is always present, urging us out of our homes and of ourselves.”

Taking place during one Saturday night, the colorful and alluring new Night Out takes audiences on an Altman-esque journey through the most sexually-liberated corners of Berlin. Follow multiple characters – a mix of hetero and gay singles, couples and polyamorous pairs – all craving fun and satisfaction as they explore the city and their relationships (both old and new). Their adventures will lead them into the heart of a frenetic night where anything goes, portraying an array of contemporary nightlife possibilities.

Night Out is loaded, passionate and sweaty stories for all tastes. Check out the trailer below and click here to pre-order your copy. The film is coming to DVD in July.

The Criterion Collection adds John Waters’ Polyester to their September lineup

We’re always excited when The Criterion Collection, the top-tier of boutique distribution labels for cinema lovers, announces their newest batch of titles. We’re even more excited when that batch includes a John Waters classic.

Having already released Multiple Maniacs and Female Trouble on DVD and Blu-ray, this September Criterion will be adding the 1981 bad taste (and smell) treasure Polyester to their esteemed collection.

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Giant Little Ones is out this week and ready to pull at your heartstrings

A heartfelt and intimate coming-of-age story about friendship, self-discovery and the power of love without labels, Giant Little Ones is one of the year’s best LGBTQ films (at least so far).

Franky Winter (Josh Wiggins) and Ballas Kohl (Darren Mann) are childhood best friends, leaders of their high school swim team and are enjoying their high school popularity with their girlfriends. On the night of Franky’s 17th birthday, Franky and Ballas have an unexpected sexual encounter that starts to tear their friendship apart and affect their families and friends.

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Gay movie heartthrob Felix Maritaud talks about his role in the new Sauvage/Wild

We’ve seen a whole lot of Felix Maritaud in gay cinema circles lately. Over the past few years alone, he’s had prominent roles in BPM (Beats Per Minute), Boys, Knife+Heart and the gay short film collection Male Shorts: International V2. You’d think we would be sick of him by now, but we simply can’t get enough. Between his smoldering good looks and his intense and committed performances, we’re consistently excited to see what he’ll do next.

A premiere at last year’s Cannes Film Festival his new film, Sauvage/Wild takes us on the riveting and vibrant erotic journey of a 22-year-old male prostitute named Leo – who trades in love as much as lust and wanders through his life without rules or restrictions. Through a series of encounters that offer a glimpse into the complicated and visceral world of male sex work, Leo finds himself searching for affection anywhere he can get it – whether it’s the unrequited love for his hustler friend Ahd (Eric Bernard) or in the arms of an older, vulnerable client. Will Leo choose his freedom and the dangers that come with it, or the comforts of a stable relationship? After all, in this unpredictable world, who knows where he’ll end up?

Enjoy this interview with Felix Maritaud below (taken from the film’s press materials) and click here to pre-order your copy of Sauvage/Wild. The film is coming to DVD in July.

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This Weekend’s VOD Favorites

The Gay Cinema Video On Demand experience at has your entertainment needs covered! We’re always working to expand selection of new and old gay-themed movies available for your viewing pleasure. Here’s just five of our current favorites, from various years, that you may have missed – ALL available to watch INSTANTLY! These aren’t our TOP 5, by any means – just a handful of flicks we want to highlight.

The Skin of the Teeth
Get Out meets Grindr in The Skin of the Teeth, a sinister new drama-thriller from writer-director Matthew Wollin, who evokes the feel of a contemporary film noir. When Josef (Pascal Arquimedes) arrives at John’s (Donal Brophy) apartment for a date, their prickly energy slowly gives way to an unusual and genuine chemistry. But after Josef swallows a pill with unclear effects, the night starts to take a shocking turn. Josef is suddenly plunged into a surreal world where he is forced into a literal and figurative interrogation of just who and what he is. While evoking the surreal work of David Lynch, this wild new film examines race, sex, love and identity in a mind-bending way – and the lead performance will keep you holding your breath from beginning to end.

Naples in Veils
Though it concerns a straight affair, this new film from maverick queer director Ferzan Ozpetek has a subtle gay sensibility we think you will appreciate. Also, there’s a lot of tasteful, lovingly rendered male nudity!
During a party, Adriana (Giovanna Mezzogiorno) crosses the seductive and powerful look of Andrea (Alessandro Borghi), a charming and self-confident young man. They are immediately attracted to each other and spend a passionate night together. Adriana begins to think this could be the beginning of a great love that could change her life. They agree to meet the next day, but Andrea doesn’t show up. Disappointed, Adriana goes back to her normal life, but an unexpected breakthrough comes: Andrea is suddenly found dead. Wrecked and in shock and dragged to the center of an investigation with disturbing outlines, Adriana feels all her certainties undermined and slips into the most secret area of her personality, from which there seems no possibility or escape.

All Boys
In the wake of cultural events like the Velvet Revolution and the fall of the Berlin Wall came the rise of a newfound adult film industry in Eastern Europe. Since then, Czech actors in gay erotica and sites like Bel Ami have risen to iconic status. Markku Heikkinen‘s revelatory documentary All Boys shows us both sides of this nascent industry, which can be interpreted as either a sign of sexual liberation or as the exploitation of disenfranchised young men. In a hyperconnected world where erotic media is never far out of reach, All Boys is required viewing. Heikkinen uses beautiful cinematography, historical research and devastatingly honest interviews to give us a rare look behind the scenes of the adult film production process. In particular, he follows the rise and fall of actor Aaron Hawke – whose short career serves as a cautionary tale on the fleeting nature of stardom. Behind every seductive image is a story, and All Boys is intent on showing us how the story ends.

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Testosterone: Volume Three is packed with even more super-sexy gay short films!

Get ready for the third collection in a stellar series of gay short film collections – featuring some of the hottest gay shorts from four corners of the world! Testosterone: Volume Three shows us a teen’s dangerous affair with an older man, a long-lost love that resurfaces at a circuit party, an awkward first gay sexual experience, a father and son’s tumultuous relationship and the effects that jealousy has on two men and the stud that comes between them.

This new set includes the films 1992, Just Me, Silverlake Afternoon, Tellin’ Dad and The Jealous Sea. We have some information about each of the films below. Stay tuned for more as it becomes available and click here to order your copy today. It’s now available on DVD.

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