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This Weekend’s VOD Favorites

The Gay Cinema Video On Demand experience at has your entertainment needs covered! We’re always working to expand selection of new and old gay-themed movies available for your viewing pleasure. Here’s just five of our current favorites, from various years, that you may have missed – ALL available to watch INSTANTLY! These aren’t our TOP 5, by any means – just a handful of flicks we want to highlight.


Body Electric (c) Breaking Glass Pictures

Body Electric © Breaking Glass Pictures

Body Electric

2017, Brazil

Carefree Elias works at a textile factory, juggling long shifts, dreaming of the sea, and spending animated nights out which usually end in some no-strings sexual encounters. As he tries to discern where his future might lead him, Elias tries to take pleasure in the small things in life. After yet another night of working overtime, he and his coworkers decide to go out for a bit of fun, which ultimately leads to new encounters and unexpected desires. Described by Variety as “a satisfying, warmhearted film whose understated charms leave a pleasant glow,” Body Electric held its world premiere at the prestigious International Film Festival Rotterdam, and held its US premiere at Outfest where it received a Grand Jury Special Mention. The film went on to win major prizes at the Guadalajara International Film Festival and Inside Out Toronto.

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Grab someone you love (and someone else too) and watch the trailer for We Are Thr3e

In the progressive new indie We Are Thr3e, Nacho (Carlos Etchevers), an accountant and seemingly all-around average guy, meets Ana (Flor Dragonetti), a recently divorced and self-confident young woman. Then the two meet the charismatic bartender Sebastian (Juan Manuel Martino), who starts flirting with both of them. Despite their doubts, Nacho and Ana accept Sebastian’s invitation to spend the night at his place, where nothing happens. A few days later, they decide to go on a weekend trip to a secluded farm. And it seems like it will be a fun one-night stand, until Sebastian confesses that he desires a long-term relationship with a man and a woman together.


“Since growing up, we are under the influence of all kind of romantic stories, usually starring a woman and a man,” said writer-director Marcelo Briem Stamm (Solo, Sexual Tension: Volatile). “My main goal is to balance that offer of visions of love by creating stories in different genres that explore relationships beyond traditional conventions.”


Watch the trailer for We Are Thr3e below and click here to pre-order your copy.


Coming Soon: El Angel

“A stylish period piece boasting solid performances, colorful visuals and a terrific vintage soundtrack.” – The Hollywood Reporter


“In the manner of a Scorcese or Sorrentino, Ortega creates baroque, propulsive storytelling set 
to a brassy soundtrack.”-Screen Daily


“A nonchalant, sexy Goodfellas.” – The Los Angeles Times


“Ortega has clearly seen his share of Tarantino movies…He employs a familiar arch, artful approach to this material, with sleek gliding shots and kicky retro tunes.” – Vanity Fair


Buenos Aires, 1971. Carlitos (Lorenzo Ferro) is a seventeen-year-old with movie star swagger, blond curls and a baby face. When he meets the handsome Ramon (Chino Darin) at his new school, Carlitos is immediately drawn to him and instigates a fight. A relationship soon develops with the two embarking on a crime spree fueled by jealousy and unspoken desires. As their relationship grows more combustible, their crimes become more violent and deadly, until Carlitos is finally apprehended at the age of 20. Because of his cherubic appearance, the press dubs Carlitos “The Angel of Death.” Showered with attention, he becomes an overnight celebrity. To this day, he remains imprisoned in Argentina – the longest-serving inmate in the country’s history.​

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Out This Week: My Best Friend

Lorenzo (Angelo Mutti Spinetta), a quiet teenager, lives in a small town at the edge of the world in beautiful Patagonia. He’s a good student, a curious and smart person more skilled in music and literature than in sports. His home life takes an unexpected turn when Lorenzo’s father decides to offer a temporary home to Caito (Lautaro Rodriguez), the son of a friend from Buenos Aires who has been hospitalized. Caito, who comes from a different family background, is a seemingly tough kid. Lorenzo finds himself intrigued by Caito and the two boys start spending a lot of time together. But while their friendship evolves toward deeper feelings, Caito reveals a secret… the real reason why he was forced to leave home.


Winner of the Cannes Cinephile’s Grand Prix, My Best Friend is a moving coming-of-age romance. Check out the trailer along with an extensive photo gallery below and make sure to click here and pre-order your copy. It’s coming to DVD and VOD in November.

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This Weekend’s VOD Favorites

The Gay Cinema Video On Demand experience at has your entertainment needs covered! We’re always working to expand selection of new and old gay-themed movies available for your viewing pleasure. Here’s just five of our current favorites, from various years, that you may have missed – ALL available to watch INSTANTLY! These aren’t our TOP 5, by any means – just a handful of flicks we want to highlight.


Alpha Delta Zatan © Together Magic Films

Alpha Delta Zatan © Together Magic Films

Alpha Delta Zatan

2017, United States

Starring an all-male of cast of staggeringly attractive, underwear-clad up-and-comers (including Jeremy Winter, Jake Kidwell, Connor Field, Drake Malone and R&B singer Eleaze), Alpha Delta Zatan delivers audiences a fun, sensual spin on the “sorority massacre” sub-genre of horror flicks. A goofy but noble young college kid is pleasantly surprised to learn that he’s been invited to join his school’s most exclusive fraternity house. Unfortunately, he’s about to discover that there is something far scarier than hazing rituals in his future. His new frat brothers seem to keep going missing. In this house, no one can be trusted and no one is safe… especially one the masked, knife-wielding slasher shows up. Funny, sexy and scary, this new low-budget horror treat is a new TLA Exclusive on DVD and Blu-ray. It’s also now available on VOD.

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Here’s the trailer and photo gallery for the new short collection Testosterone: Volume Two

The second volume in a collection of the hottest gay shorts from around the world, Testosterone: Volume Two takes us deep into hidden male psyches, inside revelations of long-held secrets, to a boys boarding school for the birth of a love affair, in the midst of an explosive internet encounter, the love between a hearing man and a deaf man, and at the center of a teen party where infatuations quickly turn lives upside down.


Check out some individual descriptions for the films included below – along with the trailer and an exclusive photo gallery – and click here to pre-order your copy!

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Trailer Alert: Martyr

For Hassane (Hamza Mekdad), a young man from an impoverished neighborhood, life has stopped making sense. All he has left is a close group of friends, brought together by a shared sense of marginalization and hopelessness.


Hassane’s strange sudden drowning at Beirut’s rocky shore sparks a mob procession, and strips apart the bond of youth and friendship, forcing his friends to grapple with loss and powerlessness, and with the cold heavy truth of their friend’s dead body. The funeral is transformed into a heartfelt farewell to the beauty and sensuality of life, youth, friendship, and love.

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Writer/Director Steve McLean talks about his sexy new film Postcards from London

Postcards from London is writer/director Steve McLean‘s homage to a lost Soho, a Soho which no longer exists. Or perhaps it only ever existed in his dreams. So instead of trying to re-create a specific bygone era, the Soho of his youth in the 1970’s and early 80’s, he created a gorgeous, eye-catching Soho of the imagination, a Soho of memory.


The film tells the story of a beautiful young man named Jim (Beach Rats star Harris Dickinson) who, having traveled from the suburbs, finds himself in Soho where he falls in with The Raconteurs – a gang of unusual high class male escorts who specialize in post-coital conversation. From shy novice to highly sought-after escort (and, eventually, artist’s muse), Jim would be the toast of the town if it wasn’t for his annoying affliction. He suffers from Stendhal Syndrome, a rare condition which causes him to hallucinate and faint when he encounters real works of art. But when Jim is roped into the world of detecting art forgery, could his condition bring about his downfall?

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Out This Week: Cola de Mono

t’s Christmas Eve, 1986, and Borja (Cristobal Rodriguez-Costabal) is a precocious teenager with a passion for film. As his extended family comes together to celebrate the holiday, the combined suffocating Chilean heat, free-flowing drinks and repressed desire contribute to the eruption of long-held secrets.


This story from Chile is both an enticing family melodrama and an explicit erotic thriller about the ways that passion and desire control our lives – from our pop-culture tastes to our sexual fantasies.


Check out the (very NOT SAFE FOR WORK) trailer and image gallery below and click here to order your copy of Cola de Mono! It’s out on DVD this week!

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